Bali – Top Things To Eat And Drink


Indonesia and Bali's favourite Pilsner, Bintang is actually a localised version of Heineken. You can grab one of these pretty much everywhere and there is an extensive range of Bintang branded merchandise for sale if you'd like to advertise your enthusiasm for it!

Chicken Satay

Originally from Java - Chicken Satay can be found on menus across South East Asia now but it is still in it's simplest and best form in Indonesia. Chicken is grilled on skewers and served with steamed rice and a bowl of spicy peanut sauce. Visit Poppies restaurant in Kuta for one of the best.

Gado Gado

Gado Gado is an Indonesian Salad made up of vegetables, eggs and tofu topped with another kind of peanut sauce - there are extensive varieties if peanut sauce! Also comes with a prawn cracker or two on the side.

Lumpia (Indonesian spring rolls)

Another country, another variation of the spring roll. These are usually bigger than your standard Chinese spring roll and often have minced meat inside. They also often arrive already cut up for you which is nice if you're feeling a little lazy.

Nasi Goreng

Classic Indonesian rice dish. Stir fried rice lightly spiced and can often include a meaty accompaniment of prawns or chicken and the like. What makes it great is the fried egg on top and like most dishes a couple of prawn crackers on the side to scoop it up with.

Mee Goreng

The noddle equivalent of the above Nasi Goreng made with yellow noodles.

Beef Rendang

Beef Rendang is a spicy curry like dish but if richer and has more of a paste like consistency. Usually has core ingredients of a red meat and coconut milk and of course served with come steamed rice.


Poppies is a wonderful little restaurant situated in Kuta. Since 1973, visitors have been able to enjoy the finest Indonesian food in a peaceful walled garden setting cut of from the chaotic streets outside.

Kopi Pot

Another garden restaurant but this time street side, Kopi Pot allows you to observe the chaos while tucking into some more great local food as well as a great selection of desserts - hard to find in Asia full stop.