Cambodia – Top Places

Phnom Penh

Perched alongside the Tonlé Sap and Mekong River, Cambodia's capital feels less chaotic than the likes of Bangkok and Hanoi but is just as buzzing. With the Royal Palace sat on the river banks and the National Museum nearby, the city is full of great and historic architecture broken up modern cafés and bars. There are lots of accommodation options in the centre of the city, for budget and backpacking try St 172 and St 258.

Siem Reap

Of course the main reason tourists visit Siem Reap is because its the gateway to Angkor Wat, the city offers plenty to its visitors including a really lively nightlife. One street is even aptly named Pub Street. You'll find many bars, restaurants and entertainment around this area just next to the charming Siem Reap River.


For a taste of rural Cambodia, embark on a boat trip from Siem Reap down to Battambang. A nice relaxed vibe awaits with beautiful French buildings. This is also where you can board the Bamboo Train.


Cambodia's prime beach paradise. Head to Otres Beach for relaxation and Serendipity Beach for a party vibe. There are also lot of little islands of the coast which you can set off to explore.


Another charming riverside town, Kampot is low on things to see which makes it a perfect place to have some lazy days, enjoying the bars and restaurants. From here you can also visit the nearby caves and Bokor National Park. Another great thing to do is to take an evening boat trip along the river to go firefly spotting and watch them light up the trees.

Koh Rong

For a bit of Cambodian island life head over to Koh Rong and/or any of the other many surrounding islands. Koh Rong will one become a doppelgänger for Koh Samui but for now it's like Thailand's most popular isles once were. Rewind time and do and see it now.