Cambodia – Top Things To Eat And Drink

Angkor Beer

Like most a lot of places in SEA, it is really cheap to eat and drink in Cambodia which of course include wonderful beer. Unfortunately, there isn’t a ‘fresh beer’ from Vietnam alternative but there are plenty of options such of the likes of a Chang and BeerLao. Some of the most popular titles include Angkor and Khmer.

Khmer Curry

A think and creamy yellow curry similar to a typical curry dish you’d find in South East Asia, but this has the wonderful added twist of big chunks of pillowly potato.

Fish Amok

A classic dish found all over Cambodia, this fish and coconut cream curry is steamed and served in a banana leaves purpose built into a little leafy dish.

Khmer Noodles

There’s always going to be a noddle dish in there somewhere. Rice noodles are topped with stir-fired beef and veg and are finished off with a garnish of scrambled eggs.

Khmer spring rolls

Similarly to Vietnam, the spring roll range is vast and comes in ‘fresh’ or ‘fried’ options but again Cambodia makes everything that little bit better by adding in extra carbohydrate!