Laos – Top Places

Luang Prabang

Luang Prabang is UNESCO world heritage town in the middle of landlocked Laos. Perched on the Mekong river it is a peaceful little town where rural Asia meets a French village. Here you can take cooking classes, visit the nearby waterfalls or watch the monks walk through the town at sunrise.

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Vang Vieng

A little town in the middle of the mountains where backpackers stop to go tubing down the river breaking stopping off at the bars along the way. When they aren't tubing visitors here will likely be lying in a bar watching Friends on repeat. In addition to all this it is absolutely beautiful!

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You can also see the French influences in Laos' capital city Vientiane, they even have their own Arc De Triomphe. It isn't the prettiest of cities but there is lost of places to learn about the country's culture and there is a great night market right next to the Mekong.

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