Laos – Top Things To Do

UXO Laos Information Centre, Luang Prabang

This information centre explains all about Laos unexploded ordinance bombs that the country have had to deal with since the second Indochina War. Death or injury are a very real and everyday risk for the people of Laos from there unexploded bombs that litter their country. The museum shows you what they look like and tells you the story including those of survivors.

COPE Visitor Centre, Vientiane

COPE is a charity set up to help people effected by the UXO's mainly in the way of prosthetics. Visit the centre to learn about how they are helping people to lead a normal life and cope with their injuries. It is a very sobering experience but good to understand more about the issues that face the country and its people.

Travel by slow boat along the Mekong

A must is to enter Laos by the great Mekong. You can get a fast boat from the border with Thailand into Laos but these don't allow you the time to really appreciate it, they are also apparently not the safest mode of transport. The slow boat takes about two days and you stop of in some little riverside villages with the tours usually ending in Luang Prabang. Pack a few Beerlao and sit back and relax as you float along the river.

Watch Monks collecting Alms at sunrise

Each day as the sunrises, approx. 200 monks take to the streets for the Alms giving ceremony where locals wake up early to offer the monks food for their one daily meal. Visitors are welcome to join in but must be respectful and follow the lead of the locals.

Go tubing in Vang Vieng

The little town/village of Vang Vieng is right in the mountains centred around a river that is famous for its bar/tubing experience. There is about 4 bars along the river. You rent your tube and get dropped off up stream out of the town and the idea is to float along the river stopping off at the bars along the way. Keep an eye on the time as it gets dark quite quickly and you don't want to get stuck out there.

Binge watch Friends after tubing in Vang Vieng

After a day of tubing, there is nothing better than sitting back and binge watching Friends in one of the many restaurants and bars that play the episodes on repeat along with other comedy favourites such as Family Guy!