Laos – Top Things To Eat And Drink


The nations beer, Beerlao is Laos’ equivalent to Thailand’s Chang. Very refreshing to drink whilst admiring the muddy waters of the Mekong and the distant hills.

Lao Whiskey

Made from rice, this whiskey is deadly. It’s clear and can be found in most bars in Laos. Approach with caution. I stupidly once boasted that I liked the taste of Lao whiskey to a bartender, she proceeded to hand me several shots saying ‘oh really’. That was the night I ended up loosing my tube and getting stuck on the river. So as I say… deadly.

Sticky Rice

Usually served in a woven basket, Sticky Rice or Glutinous Rice is Laos’ national rice dish. As it says on the tin – it’s sticky and made with coconut milk and can be eaten with all manner of local dishes.

Crispy noodle stir fry

The noodles start off almost like crisps but then soften into the meaty broth making an amazingly tasty stir fry. Served with crunchy vegetables and meat of your choice.


Larb is a meat salad made up of minced chicken, beef, pork or fish with roughly ground toasted rice with fish sauce, lime juice and chilli. It’s often served with vegetables and sticky rice. It can sometimes be served raw as well but be careful with where you consume this.


From a time when Laos was still colonised by the French, Baguettes made their mark on the country and are still served on the streets today. Fillings vary from shredded or flossed pork to egg, onions and soy sauce. It’s nice to have a slice of culture from close to home every now and again.