Shoreditch makes Camden look like a fairly straight laced. They call it hipster but everyone here seems to deny it. People have weird facial hair, ride unicycles, eat authentic and yet fusion food and I’m pretty sure everyone is some type of artist. Slightly cynically written I’ll admit but in all honestly it is a truly unique and great place to visit. Anything slightly unusual and weird, this is usually where it starts, where trends begin. All those quirky restaurants and bars you’ve seen on the internet, they are most likely to be based here. Ballie Ballerson – the bar with an adult ball pool pit inside it, Serial Killer Café – where you pay too much money for a bowl of vintage cereal; there’s rooftop bars, speakeasy’s, cocktail and milkshakes bars with all manner of stuff coming out of them – all this and more is here in Shoreditch. So many themes you’ll forget what world your in but it’s all part of its charm and northing is ever boring or the same. It’s expensive of course but no more so than the corporate bars of Bank or buying a double in a West End theatre so don’t let that stop you.

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Top points of interest

  • Shoreditch Town Hall
  • Columbia Road Flower Market
  • Box Park
  • Rich Mix
  • Brick Lane
  • Street Art


  • Cereal Killer Cafe
  • The Breakfast Club
  • On the Bab
  • Homeslice
  • Blues Kitchen
  • The Bike Shed
  • Dinerama


  • Magic Roundabout
  • Trapeze
  • Old Street Records
  • Ballie Ballerson
  • Bounce
  • Nightjar
  • Queen of Hoxton
  • Bar Kick