London – Top Things To See

On pretty much every corner of this wonderful city there's something to see. Ranging from some of the most iconic buildings to a man playing the traffic cone. For now we'll focus on the more traditional tourist attractions, London has been at the centre of some of the biggest moments in history and so it's no surprise it has buildings and monuments to match. To be honest a lot of these things only really need a few minutes of your time and a quick photo so skip those tourist site seeing buses and jump on a classic red double decker instead. £1.50 and most of the central buses will take you past all those 'must do' sights. If you're North West London way because you can't afford to stay in the centre like most of us, get on the number 6 which takes you past loads of great places via the famous Abbey Road studios and subsequently the zebra crossing where the Beatles album cover of the same name was shot. It's worth it to just sit on the bus and watch tourists take it turns holding up traffic to trying and recreate it. All this fun for £1.50! I've listed some of the top sights below but once you've ticked them off your list be sure to go for a wander and discover the city for yourself you never know what you'll find.

St Paul's Catherdral, London

Big Ben

The symbol of London and stuck on the end of the Houses Of Parliament, where all our fates our decided, the tower and it's neighbouring building's are a lot more impressive than you might imagine. Not enough just to look at? You can also go on tours through the chambers too.

Borough: Westminster
Tube: Westminster - Jubilee / Circle and District lines

St Pauls Cathedral

It's difficult to miss its distinctive towering dome hogging the limelight of the London skyline. It really puts the likes of the Shard and Gherkin to shame considering the cathedral standing there now was built in the 17 Century and is not fair off their size. Tip - for some of the best views of the London skyline including St Pauls walk across Waterloo Bridge. From North to South, you'll have St Pauls and the business district skyscrapers to your left, the London Eye and Houses of Parliament to your right and then the National Theatre and Southbank right in front of you. This really sums up the scale and enormity of the city.

Borough: City of London
Tube: St Pauls

Buckingham Palace

Home of the Queen obvs! A lot of crowds gather here but there is lots of space and nice surrounding parks such as St James and Green Park. Generally try and avoid it around any big national event although having said that they can put on quite a nice interesting display.

Borough: Westminster
Tube: Green Park

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Westminster Abbey

Obviously don't church yourself out but this is another good one and has been the site for a lot of major royal weddings and so you might as well have a peak.

Borough: Westminster
Tube: Westminster

Tower Bridge

A silly American once confused this with London Bridge. London Bridge is just a bridge. Tower Bridge is the.. well one with the towers. Another iconic symbol of London not to be missed. If you time it right you might make it in time to see the bridge lifting in order to let any boats through. Boats have clearly got bigger since the 1800's.

Borough: Sits between Tower Hamlets and Southwark

Tower Hill Circle and District Lines
London Bridge Jubilee and Northern Lines

Trafalgar Square and Nelson's Column

There's often all sorts of events going on in Trafalgar Square but on a quiet day you've still got the fountain at the centre and the towering column with Admiral Nelson perched on top. Close to the West End and The Strand the National Gallery backs on to it as well and the National Portrait Gallery just up the way. It's a great place to stop and have a breather and take in the buzzing London atmosphere.

Borough: Westminster
Tube: Charing Cross - Bakerloo and Northern Lines