New Zealand – Top Things To See

There is so much to see in New Zealand! Sit back and relax and let your eyes do all the work. I think I may have mentioned this already but the country's scenery is incredible. I promise it does warrant a mention several times. Have a look below where I've listed some of the top things to see throughout the country.

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Fox Glacier

The Glaciers

Two of the most well know glaciers are Fox Glacier (above) and Franz Joseph Glacier (Right). These are both situated along the West Coast on the South Island and are at low altitude which means you don't have to do any mountaineering to go and see them. If just looking at them isn't enough grab your ice pick and embark on a guided ice hike. See below for tour details..

Franz Josef Glacier:

Fox Glacier:

Franz Josef Glacier, glacier, franz josef, ice, south island, west coast, new zealand
Franz Josef Glacier
Milford Sound, crusie, fiord, sound, New Zealand, south island
Milford Sound

Milford Sound

Milford Sound is a flooded valley that leads to the sea at the bottom of the West Coast on the South Island. Mitre Peak is at the centre and highlight of a visit here. It's worth your time just to go and look it but to get the best out of it, go on a cruise along the water or kayak past the waterfalls. There is also a chance you might get to see some Dolphins. For more info on types of tours see

Mount Cook

Named after the explorer, Mount Cook (Aoraki) is New Zealand's highest mountain. In the picture to the right it's the middle peak that looks furthest away. It is situated in Mount Cook National Park and so there is opportunity to go exploring and see what else you can find. Also drop in to the Sir Edmund Hilary Alpine Centre to learn about the history of mountaineering and the local area.

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Mount Cook
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Moeraki Boulders

Moeraki Boulders

On the East Coast between Oamaru and Dunedin lies the Moeraki Boulders. These large stones have amazingly eroded over the years in to almost perfect spheres. Go at low tide for full benefit and early morning and evening for the best pictures with sunrise and sunset. As you can see I did neither of those things which is why my picture is very grey!

Lake Tekapo

Such a beautiful lake. It also has nice restaurants on the front but I think just sitting on the grass looking at the mountains on the other side is the best thing ever. There is also an outdoor spa - Tekapo Springs that you can enjoy the view from. Plenty of relaxing and not so relaxing walks you can do around the area too. Climb up Mount John (not really a mount more of a big hill) to the Observatory at the top.

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Lake Tekapo
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Art Deco Napier

Napier's Art Deco Buildings

It's so lovely to just walk/ dance around this city and enjoy the beautiful buildings. The Masonic Hotel on the front has a great restaurant and bar and the open roofed theatre, the Sound Shell, often stages events including entertainment at the annual Art Deco Weekend every February. You can stroll/ tap dance your way around all by yourself or rent a bicycle alternatively you can go on tours to learn more about the history of the city.

Pancake Rocks

These peculiar layered rocks are based on the West Coast at Punakaiki. New Zealand's department of conservation has done a great job of mapping up a walkway through the trees and winding around all the rock formations. Go at high tide if you want to see the blow holes at their best shooting water up into the air. There's not much in Punakaiki itself however and so no need to hang around in the area.

Pancake rocks, new zealand, south island, west coast, coast, rocks
Pancake Rocks
Kiwi, Kiwi bird, bird, flightless bird, new zealand

A Kiwi

When you think of New Zealand, you think Kiwi. So it would be a shame if you went all that way and didn't see one. You're very unlikely to see one in the wild but every time you hear a leaf rustle check just in case. However, New Zealand has a lot of sanctuaries where they are trying protect their national bird and so you can go and see them here in a simulation of their habitat. Places include West Coast Wildlife Centre, Auckland Zoo, Wellington Zoo, Kiwi Birdlife Park Queenstown, National Kiwi Centre Hokitika and The National Aquarium in Napier.