Singapore – Top Things To Eat And Drink

Singapore Sling

For the original go to Raffles Hotel but you can also get them all over the city. Made up of  gin, cherry brandy and lemon juice it's a refreshing drink to cool you down on a hot day.

Chilli Crab

A whole crab stir fried in a thick tomato and chilli sauce. It's a big dish and if you go along to Boat Quay you can pick out which crabby you want.


Laksa is a spicy coconut noodle soup usually served with chicken or prawn.

Nasi Lamak

Actually a Malaysian dish Nasi Lamak is made up of rice cooked in coconut milk served with anchovies chilli paste, cumber and egg.

Street food at Chinatown

In the middle of Chinatown is a street aptly named food street littered with stalls selling Chinese, Singaporean and many other Asian cuisines. it is super cheap to eat here too and you get to sit and enjoy your food amidst the lively buzz.