Thailand – Top Things To Eat And Drink

Thai Buckets and Sangsom Rum

Buckets come in all your favourite boozy flavours and can be found in most party locations. Try the local rum Sangsom and energy drink M-150 for a unique concoction.

Chang Beer

Chang is the most common beer in Thailand along with Singha. It is genuinely really good beer and super cheap. They also sell them in 500ml bottles so you don't have to get up off your arse as frequently. Very considerate.

Young Coconut

Before coconut go brown and are used as percussion in regional amateur dramatics, they are softer and green containing delicious coconut water. In Thailand, theses are sold from stalls all around the country as they are in their 'shell'. Stick a straw in and be on your way.

Street Food

This deserves its one section because there is so much of it and such variety. In fact, you can pretty much all thai food on the street. No meal is too classy for the street. It is a cheap way to eat and if you choose carefully it will likely be better than the restaurants. Someone explained it to me really well once. If someone sells just Pad Thai from their cart all day everyday and someone else offers you a menu 200 pages long with offering everything from fajitas to Steak and Chips which one do you think is going to provide the better quality food?! Food for thought.

Pad Thai

One of Thailand's signature dishes, it's rice noodles in it's own unique sauce with peanuts, chilli flakes and a squeeze of lime. In my opinion the best noodle dish there is. Traditionally served with prawns you can get all sorts of Pad Thai varieties. There is another dish called Pas See Ew which is similar but served with large flat noodles which is also grand.

Tom Yum Soup

Often described as a hot and sour soup, I have no idea what that means, it is a clear fragrant soup which has vegetables and if you opt for the Tom Yum Goong prawns in it. It is quite spicy and has lemongrass in it, but the amount of lemongrass seems to vary a lot depending on where you go.

Thai Spring Rolls

Thai Spring Rolls are great because they are like Chinese spring rolls but loads better. Instead of just boring old veg they have sweet vermicelli noodles in them and minces meat if you so wish. You wont go back to Chinese spring rolls after this.

Various Stir Fry dishes

If you're not have noodle or curry, you're having stir fry and rice. They are super simple but great. I love chicken with garlic - you can't go wrong. Other popular options are your chosen meat with cashew nut or oyster sauce. There is also a very spicy thai dish often called wither thai basil, spicy basil or holy basil. Spicy basil is the more accurate description but holy basil sounds a lot cooler.


You've obviously got you're famous Thai Green Curry. I love Thai Green Curry in England, do not expect it to taste like that. It does not. It will set your mouth actually on fire. Thai Red Curry is a lot more manageable but much better is the Massaman Curry with its think gravy and chunks of potatoes. If you want something a bit different and spicy, try a Jungle Curry.

Papaya Salad

This is a salad of unripe shredded papaya with fish sauce (salt), chilli (hot), lime (sour), and sugar (sweet). Sounds whacky but it is very nice I promise.

Thai Pancake

Thai Pancake's are made from a ball of batter which is then stretched out on a hot griddle, fried, chopped in squares and served with a sweet with condensed milk. Then you use a large toothpick to eat it. There's are found on the street on vendor stalls and they do serve with more 'western' toppings such as Nutella.

Mango and Sticky Rice

The classic Thai dessert. This will often be the only choice of dessert on the menu, a lot lighter than a treacle sponge pudding it does still fill a void left after a savoury feast. The rice is sweet itself and is often served again with condensed milk.